Instructions for Poster Presentation

Design your poster to be as eye-catching and attractive as possible and where possible illustrate with a figure, chart or photograph rather than text. Do not clutter and use only necessary data, make everything bold and large. Prepare the poster in portrait format.

Poster size - 3 ft wide and 4 ft high (36in W x 48 in H)

Please direct submissions to Last date for Poster Submission is January 15, 2017 extended to February 28, 2017.

The posters should have the following format :

  1. Title
  2. Names of Authors
  3. Main text
  4. The presenters name should be formatted as bold
  5. Institutional Affiliation of the authors
  6. Email of presenting author
  7. Main body should comprise of
    • Abstract (not more than 300 words),
    • Introduction,
    • Aims of the study,
    • Results and discussion/conclusions.

The text should be concise, legible and easily comprehended. A poster should be easily readable from a distance of 1 – 2 metres, and 1.5 lines of spaces should be used between each line.

Themes for Poster Presentation

Emerging South Asia in a Globalised World

  • Leadership and Authority in South Asia
  • Opportunities and challenges for Globalization
  • Cultural Tourism: globalization and localization
  • Exports and free Trade
  • Solutions for Sustainable development

Entrepreneurial Solution for Communities in South Asia

  • Responsible Entrepreneurship: Preserving cultural heritage of South Asia
  • Entrepreneurship as tool of integration for South Asia
  • Environmental Entrepreneurship
  • Need for Women Entrepreneurship

Building a Peaceful and Democratic Society in South Asia

  • Violence against Women and Human Rights
  • Health challenges like ( Infant mortality rate and high rates of Malnutrition )
  • Corruption and Good Governance
  • Disaster Management and Risk Awareness
  • Terrorism and Conflict Management

South Asian Literature: Diluting Borders, Bridging Gaps

  • Issues in South Asian Literature
  • The New Experimentations of Form by Young Writers
  • Literature, Cinematic Adaptations and Prizes

Open Themes

  • Tweeting to Power: The social media revolution in South Asian Politics
  • Environmental Problems in South Asia
  • Technology Advancement in South Asia
  • Digitalization in South Asia
  • Unleashing Youth in South Asia

For more details see examples of reference

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* Students' registration for poster presentation is:

Participants Indian Paricipants International Participants
Student ( Graduate/ Post Graduate ) 1500 50
JIIT Student ( Under Graduate ) 1000 N/A

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